Bliss From A Dead Embrace Testo

Testo Bliss From A Dead Embrace

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Just another day with two empty hands / Drag me through gravel / Take me far from here / Too tired to use my wins / Just do not forget me / Breathe your arson breath / Kiss my cyanide lips / Bliss from a dead embrace / This is how we put an end to each other / Beg for yours / Beg for mine / Bleed again and I give in / Open your mouth / Open my arms / Apologetic death / I'm sorry that it had to come to this / I have grown so sick of this plague of insecurities / I can't trust myself to help myself / And these razors beg for skin / I dance in cold seasons / Numbs hands from distant touch / It's not supposed to hurt this much and I don't know why / This had to be such a game of bleeding thoughts / It's too fucking hard to think about / Memories built from glass / I see you in my dreams more often / Eyes piercing mine / Dead weight, dead stare / Dead to the point that I cannot care / That you, that I / Watch each other bleed and love to cry / Fell in, fell out / Begged on broken knees and a swollen mouth / Held hands, held up / Took everything I have to give and then you gave up / It's probably not as bad as it seems / I am just stuck in my own worst dreams / The ones where you rip my heart from my chest / Come back for a kiss and burn what's left / What a goddamn nightmare / I'm still awake / In my own hell / This is not where I die for you / This is where i stop crying over you / I can't walk away / I'm bound here by hope / Tied here by memories / They hold me steadfast / Drown me in oceans of your failing hands / Subtle and delicate we live this dance / Motions of porcelain / Whispers to the stars / What has brought me this far / It was not supposed to be this hard to breathe

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