Hurt So Much Testo

Testo Hurt So Much

Heard a million stories about love Some were good some were bad I found that if you hold on too tight You might lose everything you have Didn't think my heart could easily break When you fall in love that's a chance you take Now I know from these lessons that I learned from loving you [Chorus:] I know that everybody makes mistakes I hope you still believe it's not too late Cause I don't care about what people think or say I'd rather take a chance with you I'd rather be in love than be alone But I never knew that love could hurt so much I found it in my heart to forgive But it's hard to forget Cause everyday the vision creeps in Of you and somebody else All my girls told me to let you go But I they're wrong I still love you so I'll hold on 'Til I gain back the trust I had in you [Chorus] It's killing me but I'll get over it But I made my commitment to you Even though it's gonna leave a scar It could never change what's in my heart I'll do whatever to stay together

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