I'm Not A Loser Testo

Testo I'm Not A Loser

think that i'm a loser 'cause my pants are really too low think that i'm a slob 'cause i got holes in my shoes think my cock is like i like my dirty shirt well you can fuck off 'cause i'm working sixty a week you think that life is really tough when your pappy won't buy you a brand new car take a girl out she won't fuck you after you just brought her a gram of coke you spent all your money on shitty coke i'm not a loser! that's right, i'm not a loser! cruise down the boulevard wasting mommy's gas while you're looking for kicks on friday night you're only goal in life is to smoke a joint and decide how you're gonna get laid tonight you are a fucking son-of-a-bitch you arrogant asshole your pants are too tight you fucking homo you suck, mr. buttfuck you don't belong here go away you fucking gay i'm not a loser!

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