In Love This Way Testo

Testo In Love This Way

i'm lonely today, won't you come out to play when i'm with you all the world goes away your smile and your eyes, they keep me alive your voice is a bell that massages my mind and it makes me wonder and it makes me sad and it makes me nervous and it makes me mad because i think about you every night and day and when i could have asked i let it slip away i've got to get to know you, but i'm so afraid well it's so hard to be a friend and be in love this way oh talk to me please, you've brought me to my knees only your words melt my twenty year freeze i've known you so long, i've known you all along but suddenly my thoughts of you have been so strong because i wonder if i'm more than just a friend did i really see a fire - or just inside my head sometimes i know you just want me to go away well it's so hard to be a friend and be in love this way karen, may i see your blue eyes karen, may i tell you tonight that it makes me wonder

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