Medieval Rendezvous Testo

Testo Medieval Rendezvous

No one told us the aftermath was tough,
we walked around in little groups and played it rough.
And never knew what the future had in mind,
the radioactive sources were dangerous in any kind.

Can you feel it to,
the medieval rendezvous
tears us down.

Running round like horses playing on the plains,
doing radioactive dances, nothing will remain.
We created the badlands, the button has been pushed.
The future is the history and death will be dust.
Can you feel it to, the medieval rendezvous.
Tomorrow is today my friend there's nothing you can do,
so never ignore your faith or then you will die too.
There is no escape, there is no trust.
The future is the history and death will be dust.
To tear us down.

The people who escaped to the underground
they created a shield for the deadly sound.
The dark society surviving day by day,
some couldn't stand it, they were convinced to stay.
When the deadly clouds had fallen to the ground,
they were forced to escape into the sunburst town.
The 14th century had come from the past,
and this Babylon won't be surpassed.
But it tears us down.
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