Sheer Death Testo

Testo Sheer Death

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Now I shall tell you a story about the darkness all around
It will destroy all goodness. It will defeat and deface.

How can we stop this nightmare?
The answer's not clear, keep searching for the light.
And don't challenge the darkness, you'll be beaten in fight.

You can feel it coming, coming your way.
Try to warn everybody.
Don't move, lie down, don't make a sound.

Sheer death will strike you, even you.
There is no escape from the evil doom.
Sheer death will take you away to a place you'll never return from.

Your weapon now is faith, you have to be strong,
and with your holy sword you can't go wrong.
The sacred dagger and the holy grail will destroy all,
the faithless will take it's tail.

The spell has been broken the earth lives again.
The pieces have been eradicated, you can live without the pain.
Now the plague is no more, now you're flying again.
Now you're wounded in war by the Devil, but he got the pain.
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