Twice As Nice Testo

Testo Twice As Nice

Where did they go, where are th finer things in life,
the things we never knew and never cared to have?
We had each other, everything we'd need..
There was never a time you'd turn your back on me
and for so long there wasn't a day you wouldn't call,
stop by or stop in to go cause trouble.
Three in the morning while the neighborhood sleeps,
we saw the rest of our lives.
We never had or needed it's not a fair trade.
I know you're trying and I hear the view is twice as nice when you're dying.
And now you face a seemingly eternal night.
Don't sleep. I won't.
I won't lose this fight, more than a friend you're a part of me,
defining all that I've known and sharing all that I've seen.
Don't turn your eyes away from me.
I fear now I'm a friend who is failing,
lied to and cheated we've been fucking robbed.
We've lost touch with ourselves,
what we had is gone, and its not a fair trade.
I know you're trying and I hear the view is twice as nice when you're dying,
but I care too much to see you waste away.
This time I know you're going to be okay.
You're okay and I'm all right.
Trials come but together we'll be all right. I know you'll be all right.
Take my time. Take everything of mine.
Can't replace this space with memories and reminders.
With your face to the ground, you've forced me to my knees.
I can't stay here I won't watch you leave.
So long, farewell my friend
I'll see you again but only time will tell if I'll wear a smile or meet a better man, maybe I never will
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