Death To The Multinationals Testo

Testo Death To The Multinationals

it's funnny how they suckered us to proudly wear their logos try going to any high school and check the company clothes the training starts very early take a look at mom and dad they don't even know how to run from it [Chorus:] they run our lives from a demographic chart they steal our souls from the very start and my addiction tries to make me buy it all death to the multinationals 2000 died in bhopal, india from a chemical leak union carbide cut their losses and saved their necks when the tanker exxon, exxon valdez wreaked havoc way up north exxon shares still held their worth [Chorus:] i've had enough a millionaire jock tries to sell me shoes i can't jump that high the banks are set to keep our money they keep most of it the drug companies live like a bunch of junkies off pensioners money and my tiny voice they can stomp real fast [Chorus:]

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