Give'em The Lumber Testo

Testo Give'em The Lumber

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
they're stealing our teams they're stealing our game and they're stinkin' mascots are too damn lame just because they got american bucks they think they can use digital pucks quebec and winnipeg are gone canadian hockey hits the swan song a basketball guy is running the show greedy owners ripping at our soul [Chorus:] the hockey was hard an' it was rough it was ours for all time but we stopped working the corners i wish that we would wake up and stand on guard for thee but canada won't drop the gloves here's the lady byng trophy moses had ten commandments but for us hockey is omnipotent don't carry the puck in front of the net or you'll fish it out i bet finish your check all the time and keep your head up on the blue line that ain't russian or american it's pure canadiana [Chorus:] give'em the lumber

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