That Turbulent Uneasy Feeling Testo

Testo That Turbulent Uneasy Feeling

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
you see the signs, you taste the blood you lick the boot that grinds your face in the crud to tell the truth you tell a lie you kill yourself to live so that you don't die you swallow the things in ads like news reports the words of leaders you quote back you take the things you're told as gospel truth i think there's something that you lack you take the test to see who's, see who's best but your happy just to be like the rest you want to stand on your own but your purpose was established at your birth you know with things you hear there's something wrong but you stand and let is pass because perhaps if you can drink enough you'll find some beauty in the trash way down deep inside you know what's true and your soul's still in tact so don't be a sponge for rotting thoughts take the world back

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