Riding Through The Storm Testo

Testo Riding Through The Storm

The winds of life will blowthey're sure to come and gothey meet me at a time when I'm calm and feeling finebut the captain of my soul is always on boardhe rocks me in his armswhile I'm riding through the stormWhile riding through the stormJesus hold me in his armsand I am not afraid of the stormy winds and the rainsalthough clouds become highJesus holds me while I rideI find safety in the Master's armswhile I'm riding through a stormI have no fear on the raging seaknowing Jesus is there for mehe can speak to the winds and the waveand make them behaveall power's in his handon sea or dry landI find safety in my Master's armswhile I'm riding through a stormriding through a storm

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