Walk On (Keep On Movin') Testo

Testo Walk On (Keep On Movin')

Walk onkeep on walking and don't look backyou gotta keep on down the trackthe future's yours to shape and moldthe past is past beyond controlso walk onwalk onbaby walk onwalk onwalk onYou gotta struggle up them hillsto realize the downward thrillwhen night confuses where you arethen just look up at that guiding starso walk onwalk onbaby walk onBaby baby let me walk with you (walk on)baby baby let me walk (walk on)The wind may blow the sky may fallbut if you're strong you'll go through it alland just as long as your aim is truethere'll come a day your goal's in viewso come onBaby baby let me walk with youbaby baby let me walkKeep on movingkeep on movingAnd when you reach where you belongyou'll find it's where you first started fromand through it all you're still the sameyou swear it's them not you who's changedSo walk on walk on walk onkeep on movingjust keep on moving yeahbetter keep on moving yeah

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