Our Prayer (Interlude) Testo

Testo Our Prayer (Interlude)

Melissa: Dear Heavenly Father, I come before You today, humbly as I know how.
Ashley: I praise You and lift Your Name up. I know it's only because of You that I made it this far.
Holly: I look at my life knowing my days are precious. And that nothing is forever.
Diana: As I move forward on this journey, I learn to take what I need. And keep moving.
Holly: I realize that my talents are a gift from You. And that what I do with them, is my gift back to You.
Ashley: I want to give back to You. And I know sometimes I go astray (laughs) but I always come back to You.
Holly: Because I love You.
Diana: Because I love You.
Melissa: Because I love You.
Ashley: Because I love You.
Diana: In Your precious Name I pray
All: Amen
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