Scarica le suonerie di Duck. Little Brother, Duck!! Clicca qui
Billy Mays (don't Move Here, "it's A Trap!")
Courtney Taylor Taylor (how Sexy Is Your Soul?)
Dov Charney (neon Cotton Wormhole)
Glenn Beck (baby Blood Theft)
John Steinbeck (get Off My Phone!!)
Karl Marx (a Brief Science Of History)
L. Ron Hubbard (we Did One Of These At The Mall)
Marty Anderson (guitar Hero Material)
Michael Jackson (no.. We're Serious)
Phillip Seymour Hoffman (it's The Wonder Of Nature Baby!)
Steve Jobs (all Is Fun Until Someone Gets Stabbed)
Ted Haggard (the Future Isn't Knocking At Your Door. It's Pounding...)
Tony West
Tre Arrow (thanks For Smoking All My Weed... You Dick.)
Yasir Arafat (spidering Deep Into The Night)