Nobody Is Perfect Testo

Testo Nobody Is Perfect

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The meaning of life, a puzzle I can't do...
That's a reason I have had sleepless nights.
I couldn't say anything to you.
Since I was afraid that you hate me.

Didn't want to show you my weakness.
But that failure was always on my mind.
(I wanna be the one who never fails)
Only such a thing was my hope.

* I won't care anymore if you'll always sing a tender song for me.
I don't need the answer now.
Today, let me go to sleep on your knees,
Tomorrow, I will think something new.

I was not going to give trouble to you.
But, on the contrary, I've done it.
Now I'm OK, thanks to you.
It was good that I could tell you all.

Didn't want to show you my weakness.
But I can't erase my failure.
(Hiding a true heart is just being a coward)
Oh it's only what I have found.

[* repeat]

You said, "You don't need to be perfect.
'cause nobody is perfect! and so we can live with helping each other..."

I won't care anymore even though I'm imperfect forever.
Now I need nothing but you.
Today, let me go to sleep on your knees,
Tomorrow, It seems as if I can make it through, 'cause I'm with you
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