Sun Which Never Sets Testo

Testo Sun Which Never Sets

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
* Searching for freedom is not to escape from
Uneasy things and hesitation in my heart.
Searching for freedom is to keep fighting on.
I never give up, and I have the sun which never sets

The big gloomy cloud has been above my head for a long time
I know it is what I had ignored.
I'd only escaped from my will, escaped from my will.
Though I would always say "Set me free!"

Forgot how to fight...
I wanna remember my pride
Clouds! Go away! Now I just wanna go this way!

[* repeat]

I don't need these blank pages anymore.
Even I can sing my song as I like.
After breaking the cage in my heart.
Oh I'm gonna fly away to the sky.

[* repeat]

I have the sun which never sets!
I have the sun which never sets!
I have the sun which never sets!
I have the sun which never sets!
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