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Prisoner Testo Dweeb

Prisoner Testo

Testo Prisoner

Amici, ecco i finalisti
I don't understand the things that I do
I don't understand why I keep failing you
Am I a prisoner?

Will I find my way to you again?
Coz I don't like the road I've gone down
No I don't like the way I am now

I go round & round, forever confined
I go round & round, can I leave it behind?
Can I get out of here? Oh I want out of here


Oh I feel out of control, can I escape from this hole?
Doing what I try not to
I feel to tired to exist, I feel to weak to resist
Cannot do what I want to
I need you to rescue me; I need you to set me free
Doing what I try not to, so please show me where to go
Because this time I don't know, cannot do what I want to