Each Time Testo

Testo Each Time

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Have you heard of the saying for those who are playing
You don?t know what you?ve got till it?s gone
Well that was my calling, I knew I was falling
Into something that would be so wrong

But I caught hold of myself and changed for the better
I can?t get you out of my mind
Cause something inside made me realise you were fine

Each time when we?re alone, I guess I didn?t know
How far we were apart, should?ve spoken to my heart
I guess I didn?t know that each time you?d go away I?d cry
I can?t take all these good-byes

I know from this feeling, deep inside there?s healing
I know that I?m in control
Every day I am yearning, this love I feel burning
Burning right through my soul

So let?s make a start of something that cannot be broken
The mould is so strong, treat this love as a child
That grows into something worthwhile

Deep, love so deep, deep love so deep, yeah
I can?t take all these good-byes
Faithfully I will be, you will see, please believe me
I can?t take all these good-byes

All the time we were alone
Guess I should?ve really know
Baby you have always been mine
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