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Testo Change It

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
And I
Can't I?
Why should I
Feel like it matters,
When the scenery doesn't change?
I guess that's all I had to say
Well, “you've probably got a bit more”
Yes, I probably do.

And in the end,
Does it make much difference?
And in the end,
I guess you'd call that glory.

There is nothing I love more then
Hearing your voice over the sun's wind.

Sure, let's be cliché, by dancing, shouting in the rain.
If only for a moment, the storms stare into our eyes,
We'll continue on unsure but happy, rolling on into the night.
(Can I really help the fact that I love being with you?)

You can look at me, say “wow”
Because I'm here screaming
We've got your downfall,
We've got your downfall,
You'll think you've got,
And then we'll change it.

Fives times to slow down a familiar highway,
But one I've never seen,
It's the strangest thing,
Knowing a place you've never been,
Leads to a dead end,
So much for escape.

Let's stay together to break the chain
Because following one after another, we all fall down the wall.
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