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Testo Via Hiptop

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Via Hiptop

So here I go
And you best not hold me fixed
Because hanging on means
You're not coming too
I'm out, never going to glance back.
You're in, a world of change,
To fight what you're stuck with,
To jam on the brakes
Not a stop, but a timeless delay.

Here I am looking up at the skyline
Thinking back on what could have been mine
The only thing that crosses my mind is
How far does this dreamlike street go?

Here I am finally one with time
Thinking back on what seemed to be mine
The only thing that mystifies my mind is
What it meant when you sat and sighed away.

So here we go
The places you end up when you're not trying,
The colors rule your way,
One last goodbye for old time's sake,
The first hello, the steps I'll take,
But even small steps can out-step time,
It's a very odd thing, only feeling your outline.

Ignore the phone, it's just time catching up.
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