Twisted Blue Testo

Testo Twisted Blue

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Needs to know
What she thought they knew
Backstreet lies are true
She rolls it clean
But needs it twisted blue

Out again
Can we come with you
Go watch twisted blue
(If we go with you)
It's all we need
It just might
Get us through

Close those pretty eyes
She says
But she needs to know
And trains will pass
And now you think
Will save your soul
So when you do you do
Spare a lighter touch
He's handed you
The twisted

Nice new shoes
He said he liked'em too
But night
Don't leave your eyes
The night won't blink
And leaves'em twisted blue

Hurry now
They don't make days for fun
Just tells you how it's done
But now those eyes can't lie
Their twisted blue

It ain't like
Those hands can clap
For a tune
That they don't even know
And look
See now ahe's calling
And I just might have
To go to know
Tho she's calling blue
The twisted
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