Be Curious Testo

Testo Be Curious

I, I, I dropped a question
and my my, everything they said of it
you rewind time
but I keep forgetting it
flies out of my mind and goes

you, you
all of me wants to runaway
through you
your lips are my honey baby
your kiss is the flame

letting us run free on a tank full of gasoline

she rolls the window right down to the floor
there are feathers in the air
she gives me room to breathe
and that is why I love her
is all you're feeling
a genuine draught
cause I saw you lightning
there must have been thunder
the sky was dividing
the clouds pulled me under
spinning me in
to the white floating water I go

she opens me up
leaving no question
then drops me an answer
I get the impression
yeah I feel her lips touching my cheek
her kisses,
I get one to keep
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