Right Hand Man Testo

Testo Right Hand Man

Johnny gave Susan a wedding band
Now she wears it on her left hand
I'm doing the best I can
To forget she used to call me her right hand man

Susan always knew I'm not marrying kind
But she said she would love me for all time
Said a wedding band just sparkles and shines
Be my right hand man and that'll be fine

A right hand man can be your lover
Carry the load when the wind blows cold
He can be replaced by another
Who's carrying the gold

Susan made me think our love was real
There are times I believe her still
But Johnny walked in right out of left field
Put a right hand man in a left hand deal


They say don't let your right hand know what your left hand's doin'
Susan kept me in the dark for a long, long time
I had no idea that love's foundation was turning into ruin
Cause being a right hand man was a dream of mine

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