The Day Of Maturity Testo

Testo The Day Of Maturity

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Massive nuclear death. Screams of pain
and sorrow all has lost its faith, for
them there's no tomorrow. Bodies all
around, smell of burnt flesh and vomit
black and white has turned to grey. Earth
of horror and decay Bush and Gorbatjov
dead. Humanity has lost its world it's one
thing has won? Burial... The day of maturity.
Suffocation... The day of dying parents
look for their children in masses of gore
and bones smell the rancid flesh. The
toxic taste is in the air [repeat chorus]
Dyin' the slowly way. Your hunger beco-
mes your decay eating your own flesh,
the horrible way you end destroying
beyond belief. The day of maturity look
what it's done to me. I'm off the edge of
sanity. [repeat chorus]

[Riffs and lyrics by Axelsson]
[Performed and arranged by Edge of sanity]
[Creation: 89/90]
[Also featured on 1990 demo 'Kur-nu-gi-a']
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