Detective Testo

Testo Detective

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
(feat. Mastamind, Mobaddess, TNT)

I got a ill case, paranoia blood stains on my face
Close range sawed off shotgun bust
I never trust, it's a must you ain't down with us
From Gotham to Metropolis, nigga ain't no stoppin' us
Suicidal tendencies for all my enemies
From aggravated assault, insurance is no fault
U-N-H-O-L-Y, murder's my alibi
Sodem eyes your trick and make ya recognize bitch
So flesh is ridiculous, mercilous, meticulous
Some back in New York and Los A-N-G-E-L-E-S
A homicidal vital recital, Esham's my title
From sacks of heroin packs, I went suicidal
From symptoms of insanity slowly slippin' insane
Doin' 100 in my 850 in the rain
And I got retaliation on the brain

Retaliations a must, when I bust
Who the fuck can we trust?
For all you niggaz that ain't down
With the Reel Life Product
No time to contemplate I'm grabbin' an AK
Niggaz in your hood screamin' out mayday
It's that killa Mobaddess
Kickin' you niggaz and hoes, cause to me you on the same status
A round after rants, come get your head splattered
That's why in Detroit they call me Mobaddess

Nigga cap blow, let that weed grow
Don't let 'cha be caught ridin' through the wrong hood
Cause bitch we evil
I rained on a million people, drowned the world in my shit
Blaze the blunt, and shoot blow this motherfucker to bits

Tony Montana, I shot up a body in Atlanta
Dump that bitch in the river it don't matter
Still make moves on the street and don't stop
Still got the connects for the guns and crack pots
Niggaz hate
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