You Still Ain't Shit To Me Testo

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Testo You Still Ain't Shit To Me

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(feat. Mobaddest, T.N.T)

I serve clarks and guest
I pack a heat in the vest
My niggaz Esham & T,
Equals slugs to ya chest
So you best jet nigga
We wild like the west
Flex the best
Trick bitch can suck a dick
Tears get spit
Classical ass whips for niggaz that talk shit
I'm lettin my nine spit
I'm always on the grind bitch
(Mobaddest back at this)
Niggaz thought I gave up the muthafuckin rhymin
But bacindatass for anotha fuck
When I kick it nigga, you betta duck
Well it's them killaz that rhyme
And fuck them hoes
You might see me rollin a convertible rolls
I washed off my dick caused I fucked yo bitch
I'm underground baby and won't ever switch
So exellent,accurate like a sharpshooter
Kilo shoppin,O.Z. choppin
This is for the niggaz who be real with they shit
Hoe ass niggaz so illegit
I just want to clock cash and rock the mic
It ain't the devil's son-in-law or Dolamite
I got a hoe in Atlanta say she Funkdafied
Bitch pussy so big she nationwide
Boy I tell you muthafuckaz in the world ain't shit
So many fake muthafuckaz they counterfeit
What you sayin boy,you wanna get with me
Big bank take little bank
still ain't shit to me [x2]

Well it's the microphone master crashin the party
Swervin on the freeway drunk off bacardi
You better get yo bitch cause I'm a hog about it
And if you think I fucked her,bitch don't doubt it
I still move them bigs in the hood on the regular
Million dollar deals makin moves on my cellular
I don't give a fuck if yo hoe don't dance
I always wear Adidas screamin fuck yo man
Its the T. its the T. muthafucka its T
I'm down with MoBite and Masta M-I-N-D
Coppin a quarter key from the police I flee
Bustin shots at my enemies
Cause you bitches ain't shit to me
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