Lullaby Testo

Testo Lullaby

Street fidda didda daaamm
(Let's go)
And I ain't gotta tell ya'll who I be
Cause 100 hundred doller bills dey like baller ID
And I get under niggas skin dey should call me IV
But if you try me nigga I will be your caller id
And dat means I got your number
Please don't make me dial it
Dat could land your fly ass on da ground
Just like a pilot
So just do me a solid
Ya'll stay and pocket like wallets
Cus you can't see me
Closed eye lids (ugh) nighty nitee

I'm with a model chick, Tyra thick
Heidi's height
Body suits spotty type
I clean up nice, catch me on a tidy night
Mite be gucci'd down to da tity wites
Okay it's loso' everybody know so
My son is da heir to the thrown
Prince joso' so daddy need money
And mommy need new trews'
Baby need shoes preferably da new louies
Da swagger is in his genes he was born fly
Dem philly bitches say da ball keep da jaw fly
Da reggie kush outta southern california



Sing em a lullaby [x4]

(Rocky ma baby) [x4]


Hush lil lame niggas
Don't say a word
Ya don't know da half' not even a third
Put a dick in your ear & fuck wat ya heard
She tried to pull ma fly south
I ain't want da bird cause I been killng dese hoes
Dese niggas jus drop dead' in da drop head
All we do is bop head
To da side like busta in da pepsi add
With ma colombiana' mama yep she badd (she badd)

She in da latest shoe
Dat Giuseppe had
Blow game like da late Desi Gillespie had
Dats some good jaw, pop quiz good score
She call her pussy merain dat good raw
For you lil cheap fucks
Hood whores you niggas soft in da middle
Call em hood smores
Everybody on da block going cuckoo
Phantom doors open like da clock dat go cuckoo

Birds popin out
Sittin on da hood
Check ma bird dropers out
I'm shittn on da hood
Sleepy time niggas
Da hand dat rocks da cradle
For you nursery rhyme niggas
It's bed time


Daaa [pause]
Daaa [pause]
Daaa [pause]

Sing em a lullaby [x5]

(Rocky by babyy) [x3]
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