Payback Music Testo

Testo Payback Music

Vasco Rossi, il Live Kom ‘016 parte da Lignano Sabbiadoro
[feat. Freck Billionaire]

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
Having nothin' was the worst, now it's the best of everything
They used to tell us no, now it's yes to everything
And I get high on the low, just the level things
The worst I look, probably the best you've ever seen
Yeah, so fresh, and forever clean
Produce sexy style, bein' fresh is everything
I sit yo ass down girl, sit that heavy thing
Give me that sloppy head, and make a mess of everything
If they don't see that I'm a winner, then it's their loss
I say fuck niggas, then you won't hear, pause
We work hard all day, over here boss
So every night we go ball like hair loss
From the bottom, but we end up being top notch
Thinkin' out the box where everybody hopscotch

Everybody knows
How the story goes
Friends turn into foes
Seen it all before
Guess I'll take the blame
Cause you and me ain't the same
For what it's worth, nigga really can't complain

[Verse 2: Freck Billionaire]
Payback some motherfucker, I would hate to be ya
I'm back to lay ya flat like a quesadilla
Crocodile, heard Mase kick collectors items
Fugitive, by the state, had to expedite him
I'm back to put the game on Ramadan
Like grated cheese, a six-deuce parmesan
Compared to other captain, Philly Freck a day less
That's absolutely negative, like my AIDS test
I'm gettin' chauf, I'm in the back with a leisure
Tell the driver go long, like a Packer's receiver
I still got the most hoes, it's affirmative
Every boss hotter then the furnace is
Heard Freck fuckin' with the chick? Now he wanna
He search for 'em, then he cuff 'em, he's a bounty hunter
They make the ugly face when he raps
I'm back on that shit like a relapse
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