You Could've Had Everything Testo

Testo You Could've Had Everything

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
ignorance and arrogance mean quite the same to me take a look around you and i'm sure you will agree the world is full of people filled with hatred filled with greed it's such a rare example when you've found a human being you could've had everything but you you would've been scared of what to do you should've been so much more to us than just exonerated why shouldn't it break your heart in two? i find little entertains me anymore the problems of the world are often tedious and worn i'm reading all about it with a chuckle and a sneer they say a new beginning and they say the end is near get in your self-assuredness and take it for a spin you'll be standing by yourself when they've all given in it's "take before it's taken from you" every single day i wish it wasn't like this i don't know another way

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