Mono Man Testo

Testo Mono Man

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Paint by numbers, bring the thunder

Torture, bind and kill - play the hunter

Rolling out the beats like a carpet in Iraq

Same game, different name

The only way that you attack

Chart top target, rule the market

Copy, past and done, yea, yea

It's time to harvest

Everybody's calling you a one-trick-pony

I call you phony but I guess you're just lonely

Eenie meenie Mono Man

Push the button with your hands

Single channels will expand

And you'll discover wonderland

All those cuties, all the beauties

Seems like your time ran up

I stole your groupies

Party through the night

While you party with yourself

Everybody's yawning

While you're singing about hell

Same old story, rehash the glory

Sometimes the world is self-explanatory

Everybody's calling you a one-trick-pony

For your eyes only: I call you phony

Pillow Man and Mono Man, standing on a hill

Pillow Man said "Gotta sleep!"

Mono Man said "Kill!"
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