March Of The Stiffs Testo

Testo March Of The Stiffs

I look at the skies
there i find something unusual
but it's a common things these days

it's not a bird
it's definitely not a plane
ugly stiff is what i can say

square picture of a face (whoooaa)
with tagline so cheesy that it kills

we're getting nowhere
we're getting nowhere that's for sure
(this is how we do it)
nobody fights fair
nobody fights fair that's for sure
(this is how they do it)

i look at the box
there i find something so usual
idiots are marching down the road

peace? just a word
their fist are the only answer
money as their batteries

that's one hell of a brain (whoooaa)
with a size so small that it kills

this kind of selection
it's just a worthless election
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