Zombies Testo

Testo Zombies

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Back then they were real, stages were the real deal
back than we were true, it's all about me and you
2003 inspired us to be
like our favorite local acts that we used to see

but nowadays just false arts
everything falls apart
honesty should play some part
just so you know!

hear this ticking clock, sooner or later it's gonna blow out
cut this up cut this up, or we'll get the worst upshot
think as a whole, don't think about your self
these consequences, they're all on us!

green eyes! selfish!
are you sure you still wanna do this?
my friends! watch out for zombies!

thick mist! long list!
are we sure we still wanna do this?
my friends! lets get those zombies!

we are dead but we're alive
at least we're still breathing
we are dead but we're alive
its not too late for us to fight
to win this fight
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