Acting: On-Campus Television Testo

Testo Acting: On-Campus Television

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Campus is getting bigger
They are working on it all the time
Acting on the tv
I can see their faces
Red alert, the siren's loud
The drafted are all coming back
This job takes dedication
When things start with no beginning
It doesn't mean that they aren't true
As the current through the atlas
Nips the wrist with a fork through it
Half the battles fueled with hate
"Many loathsome fights were sacred!"
Shout the crew who hold their swatches
They paint on the set and cry
Ice is plastic enough to try to sculpt with it
The color curdles and waves drip down
And I'm still thinking about the time a scene takes them
The dormitories are awful quiet
Acting on the tv
And he's not pretending
I'm convinced that there's not someone else beneath
The pixeled screen
An army edit
The set was finished last
Ice is plastic enough
To try to sculpt with it
Color curdles and waves drip down
I'm still thinking about the time a scene takes up
The dormitories are awful quiet
And these swollen eyes
And static lens
They blink when there's nothing but tv
We beg for it
To calm us down
And believe that it's real what they're doing
These swollen eyes
And static lenses
They blink on and off and off and on
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