Body Next To Body Testo

Testo Body Next To Body

Für den Abend vielen Dank, denn von deiner Handwächst ein Bein mir in den Himmel, als ich es fandEs war innerlich, sag wie, es war hoch wie nie, sayNa na naHey honey, can?t you see it is destiny,it is all for rock, bring your top to rockand bring your hips to the top you sayNa na naShow me the way you move your bodylight into day - sayWhy should I wait for you to love meDon?t be too late the way to make it happenBody next to body, tell me pain to pleasureI wanna know if you are the one for me, yeahBody next to body, searching for the treasurethe magic in the mystery, yeah, yeah, yeahDuring later, you must leave the theatreyou have to go home, maybe your aloneDo the Bang-Bang-Boogie, say up jump the Boogie, you sayNa na naHey, honey can?t you see ..I am the one who need foreversecond to youngLife on the run, we stay tgetherwhatever comes today we?ll take all chancesBody next to body ...Do the Bang-Bang-Boogie, say up jump the Boogie,do the ryhthm on the boogie, the beatDo the hip, do the hop, do the o-o-beep-bop,do freestyle rock?n you never gonna stop ...Body next to body ...Fancy fancy lady, tell me that you?re readytell me that you?re ready to breakthrough yeahFancy fancy lady, tell me you are readybreak walls of silence, yeah

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