Jeanny(part3) Where Are You Now? Testo

Testo Jeanny(part3) Where Are You Now?

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Day after day, one desprate night after another, searching for you, through the Ice-cold wind, looking for something, anything that might lead me to you. But not even a trace, well apartfrom the one red shoe... ein roter Schuh, aber wo, wo bist du, tell me where are you now? Chorus: Where are you now? (where are you now, babe?) Where are you now? (aber wo, wo bist du?) Where are you now? (where are you now?) can´t you feel (feel), can´t you see (see) This face, dein Gesicht... no one could look upon your face and not want to hold you,touch you, caress you, possess you In a few moments from now I will hold you, and everything will be allright, come on, please tell me I´m right! Chorus:... Im Fall Jeanny der vor Jahren grosses bundesweite Interesse erregte, gibt es nach Auskunft der Polizei neue Erkenntnisse. Laut Polizeibericht wurde der zweite Schuh des bisher vermissten Mädchens zwischenzeitlich gefunden. Die Polizei geht nun davon aus, dass Jeanny noch lebt. (aaaaah) Jeanny... Jeanny Chorus:.... Where are you now babe?

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