Battleship Graveyard Testo

Testo Battleship Graveyard

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
I've been calling you plenty of things
This is how it feels when neon turns to grey
I'm barely here, you're losing your touch my dear.
I'll be sincere, I simply can't hide my fear

Tasteless fashion following the herds
You say, "Actions speak louder than words"
But anyways... I'm barely here, you're losing your touch my dear
I'll be sincere, I simply can't hide my fear

Back and forth... back and forth


Raise your hand.
Ask permission before you speak to the class!


Twisting our bodies, to exaggerate our games
And dust that decays, in this space, do you feel safe?
I can't behave

Take a drink and pass it my way... you want me? come crawling baby...
Tell me everything is okay, lie to me, die for me tonight
You're gonna get yourself in trouble baby
Gonna get yourself caught up in some drama alright
Cause you've been cheating and been lying honey
Never thought that I could say goodbye, but maybe tonight...
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