Nobody's Perfect Testo

Testo Nobody's Perfect

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
If you want me
You can call me every day and every night
Say you miss me
I'll stay by your side
If you need me
Please don't think that everything will be alright
So misleading
But love gets lost in time

Keep moving
If all the stupid lives come out
Scream and shout
Keep losing
If all your friends are enemies
Just say please

If it's easier for you
Pretend it's true
Tell yourself that I never loved you anyway

If we lose control
After all the shit
It all amounts to nothing(?)

Everything is here to be
Standing on an apple seed
Something here's not meant to be
Somethings not reality

Star struck on reality
Now's the time to apologize
Now's the time to think over

As we tell the truth
You smile
Nobody's perfect... right?
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