DKTR. Faustus Testo

Testo DKTR. Faustus

Doctor Faustus: Horshoes Splackin' Swallows
Haycart, Cart-Horse. Of the peasant blockin' his
path. Doctor Faustus: Power showin', spits out
Hay-cart, cart-horse, hay and box at the gates of
ANHOLT. Dr. Faustus: At the court of the count,
made fruits exotic pleasure-lichous, appear behind
curtains in winter. Dr. Faustus: At the decadent
court, made animals from sun-lands appear in the
sparse gartens of Vinter in ze likkle willage.
Doktor Faustus: Horse-shoes clackin', swallows
cart-horse, hay-cart of the peasant blockin' his
path. Must leave his student friends. FAUSTUS!
Come get yer chips! Pull me blood silhouette, treu
the ceiling sky. Cast me blood silhouette, thru
the ceiling sky.
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