New Puritan (Peel Session) Testo

Testo New Puritan (Peel Session)

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
the grotesque peasants stalk the land
and deep down inside you know everyone wants to like big companies
bands send tapes to famous apes
male slags male slates famous apes
... water,,cater? ..grim thoughts
the whole country is post gramme
echoes of the past

all hail the new puritan!
righteous maelstrom
cook one

and all hardcore fiends will die by me and all decadent sins will reap discipline

new puritan

this is the grim reefer
the snap at the end of the straw
with a high grim quota
your star karma jim

new puritan
new puritan
the conventional is now experimental
the experimental is now conventional
it's a dinosaur cackle
a pteradactyl cackle

in la a drunk is sick on gene vincent's star on hollywood boulevard
ha ha ha ha
stripping takes off in britain's black spots
the kensington white rastas run for cabs
this i have seen

new puritan

in britain the scream of electric pumps in a renovated pub
your stomach swells up before you get drunk
the bars are full of male slags
at 10.35 they play send in the clowns once..

why don't you ask your local record dealer how many bribes he took today?
what d'you mean 'what's it mean what's it mean?'
what's it mean what's it mean?
new puritan
new puritan
hail the new puritan!
out of hovel cum-coven cum-oven
and all hardcore fiends will die by me and all decadent sins will reap discipline
new puritan
new puritan

new puritan
i curse the self copulation of your lousy record collection
new puritan says
coffee table LPs never breath
new puritan
new puritan
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