Pinball Machine Testo

Testo Pinball Machine

I'm an old hog hauler
I drive a big truck.
Shot the pinball machine
but it brought me bad luck.

If oceans was whiskey
and I was a duck
I'd dive into it
and never come up.

I wish they'd outlaw them old
pinball machines.
Many weeks they've made me
live on sardines.

Last time I called my wife
on the telephone
First thing she said to me was
"John when can you come home?"

"I've got a lot of lodgers
and they've got to go."
I said, "I'll see you when I get back
from the depot."

She said "John, you know I love you
I wish you wouldn't go."
"Send your babies some money,
they're hungry and cold."

The last thing she said,
and then she hung up,
Said, "John you gave up my lovin'
to drive and old truck."

I made my trip
up to the depot.
I was gone two months
cause I shot up my dough.

When I got home,
my family was gone.
The best friend I had
rung my telephone.

He said, "John, I guess you wonder
about your babies and wife."
Pneumonia got your babies
and your wife took her life.

I've lost all my friends.
Can't sleep for bad dreams.
I dream about an old truck
and a pinball machine.


I never will forget the last words that old man said:
"Oh, Lord. If I could live my life over -
And then he fell dead. Victim of an old truck.
He was a clean-cut young man - at the age of 19.
But now he's in his grave - the victim
of an old truck - and a pinball...
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