State Of Contempt Testo

Testo State Of Contempt

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Who's gonna be in charge when you're gone
Who's gonna dictate when I'm wrong
I'm sure your silent authority still haunts my thoughts
But once weighed in the balance, we both come out with loss

Your anger is a tool for me
To help me fix this hate in me

So keep telling yourself you're right
I bet no one will bat an eye
But deep down in your stomach, your lies will start to rot
And once weighed in the balance, we both come out with loss

Your lies don't mean that much to me
I hope they boost your self esteem

Go ahead and put your hand upon your chest and tell me now
Tell me can you feel it yet
And when you realize your hearts got no beat left
You can hold yourself in a state on contempt
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