Where I Stand Testo

Testo Where I Stand

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
If I had a whole heart that was pure
That could not see the hatred
Who would I be?
If my life meant something, had a purpose a reasoning
I know who Id be
Someone strong who could crush
All your lies, all the power you hold
I would show you my real strength
Then youd know, who I am, who I'll be
And where I stand, and if it's worth it to be with me

When I know where I stand, who will I be
And if I hold out my hand would you turn on me

As I lie in this bed, my heart is dead, and I cant find the answers
To these questions in my head
Slow to think, fast to speak, and Ill pay the price for my conceit
And lack of self control. Whos to blame
Only me. This heresy that mercilessly pins me
Oh I am my own victim. Hung to dry, left to die
I look to the sky but cant find what I seek there.
Who have I become

My fight within is a cold one
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