Your Best Your Last Testo

Testo Your Best Your Last

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
[Originally by The Title]

While taking off your shirt you arch your back
Remember thinking twice before I act
I feel your arms, they press me; your lips are against me
My heart is on fire tonight
I'm hoping all the words I say are right
And every bit of your kiss leaves me so defenseless

as i'm lying here you get down next to me
take my hand and touch my chest you say,
"darling i can feel your heart
you make mine stop and i'll make yours start"

i watch your body move across the room
not really sure what i'm supposed to do
but i feel it as you close in we go through the motions
your fingers through my hair, we're on the bed
i follow all your moves the best i can
and suddenly we're one and the same, yeah we're one and the same

you say
i'll be
your first, your last
your heart never beat so fast

you say
it's for me
your first, your last
your heart never beat so fast
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