A Place For Girls Like You Testo

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Testo A Place For Girls Like You

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Fate has planned a place for girls like you
Who torture guys like me
And the time for all bad things to end
Will surely come, you'll see
The world will turn its back on those
Who never can be true
And you'll find out that fate has planned
A place for girls like you.

I tried so hard to be the way
You wanted me to be
To give you things you wanted most
But still we dis-a-gree
Each time I try to change my life
To fit the way you live
I find that you
Just made new plans
For more than I can give.


(2nd verse)
The past holds no fond memories
Just hope that you will see
That all I ever got from you was only misery
You know I've wasted half my life
And in your agony
The heartaches you caused me to bear
Should last eternally
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