Hello Walls Testo

Testo Hello Walls

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Hello,walls - (hello) (hello)
How'd things go for you to-day
Don't you miss her
Since she up and walked a-way
And I'll bet you dread to spend
Another lonely night with me
Lonely walls
I'll keep you com-pa-ny.

Hello,window - (hello) (hello)
Well I see that you're still here
Aren't you lonely
Since our darlin' dis-ap-peared
Well, look here, is that a teardrop
In the corner of your pane
Now, don't you try
To tell me that it's rain.

She went a-way and left us all alone
The way she planned
Guess we'll have to learn to get along
With-out her if we can;

Hello, ceiling - (hello) (hello)
I'm gon-na stare at you a- while
You know I can't sleep
So won't you bear with me a- while
We must all stick together or else
I'll lose my mind
I've got a feelin'
She'll be gone a long, long time.
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