The Cost Of Living Testo

Testo The Cost Of Living

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Now they're telling you about
everything that goes on in this new place
will never be the same,
everything will change
they think it's all a game,
one rule, everyone must play this game
or you will have to pay
with gold and silver
we are not the one's who want to fight,
and this is our right
It's no mistake that you are here today
could it be that you're the ones who are hated
everyone must pay with their lives
or sacrifice your freedom,
this is our right,
we don't deserve to die
don't want this fight,
we don't deserve
Now I want what I deserve
Try as you may you will never escape
it's a fight, but with hope on your side
you just might survive
Try as you may you will never escape,
but you must cooperate
it's a fight, but with hope on your side
you just might get out today
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