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Testo Mine's Left Burning

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It's the seventh day I'm alone now,
I still can't understand
The end came unexpected,
Just when I thought it'd never come

Now I'm sitting here in this cellar
That used to be my room
And everything's so unfamiliar
Without you

I remember the moment
You aimed your gun at my high hopes
With words like bullets...
As I tried so hard not to cry

Free fall into a world without you,
A million miles above the ground
I try to close my eyes
But you're still there, you're everywhere -
The air I breathe is still so full of you

Back then I felt this could be forever
But now I know that I was wrong
From what was once our love
Only mine's left burning
And your memory still fans the flames

Scarica la suoneria di Mine's Left Burning!
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