The Animal Testo

Testo The Animal

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Living life is not too hard
If I can be born again
Many things could be chenged now
A bit of lightness
And less stupidity

Faking, you're good at faking
When you are close to me
You always tell me I'm right
And I'd like to tell you
That I feel better

Yes but the animal which is inside me
Won't let me live in happiness again
He takes all, the coffee too
He renders me a slave of all my passions
He never does give up
He doesn't want to wait
And still the animal which is inside me
Wants you.

Inside me signs of fire
And water often quenches them
If you want them to burn
You leave them in the air
Or let them be on earth.
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