Vengeance Factor Testo

Testo Vengeance Factor

This is worth it's weight in words
to give in now would be absurd.
So keep your retracted retractions to yourself.

This plays upon my sympathies,
I shouldn't have come.
I know I should leave,
but they said,
but they said
I should see this for myself.

And now these sighs are severing.
And I was saving everything,
can't believe,
I believed,
I believed that this might help.

Making amends, seems so far out of hand.
still holding strong to where we stand.
must of lost all sight of how we ever felt.

gettin even,
gettin even,
gettin ready to fight
gettin smug,
gettin ugly,
and lost all sense of pride,
an I'm forgetting,
I'm forgetting
why I wanted to cry,
and I'm still waiting on a day no hearts would die.
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