3D Testo

Testo 3D

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
[feat. David Banner]

She say she wanna love me, she won't leave me alone
She say she wanna tangle no iphone
She wanna get me face time, no iphone
She gotta black berry baby I'm own
... what I do for fun
Taking back to the crib have a two on one
And after she get... and... like a shot gun,
... so you know I'm about to pop one looking 3d
Ass so fly see it from the front had to walk around the back
To whatever she want, she know got that
She know I'm a big boy so I... lot more... I came from
You're drinking a bottle up, I tell her to back it up,
And she poor a... where I came from
Shawty gonna light it up, wanna come fly with us

Shawty I wanna drink, I justa wanna...
If you see a... upside down,
I'm feeling turned up, I'm looking 3d
What's your back it up, back it up like this,
Back it up like that, up like this, up like that
Back it up like this, up like that,
Shawty looking 3d what's your back it up.

Shawty says she... talk in the south
You can do it smooth, put it in your mouth,
... snow in the face,.. we suck no race,
She says she love how it taste... shot it in her face
She think I'm running game but game is already ran
In a... pussy bomb...
... 3d camera and I'm a... in a blue...


Only... in the club you can tell me I'm...
Me and david banner in the club got the speakin'... shaking, shaking,
... about this burger... pussy taking, taking
Then I'm hitting from the back like a...
I'm a back it up... she need a... make her...
I'm a stack it up like 18...
She can back it up
Call the waiter cause

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